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Sunday, November 26, 2023

National Ballot Measures - Living Democracy by Michael Mathiesen

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Twenty-Eighth Amendment

Section 1

The citizens of the United States by this amendment are hereby granted the power to place National Initiatives (ballot measures) on the Federal Elections Ballot as defined by the limitations set forth below.

(a) The ballot initiative (National ballot measure) is the power of the electors to propose statutes and to reject others already on the books by the voters directly in a true democracy by placing popular solutions on the national ballot.

(b) A ballot measure may be proposed by presenting to the Secretary of State a petition that sets forth the text of the proposed statute and is certified to have been signed by voters equal in number to 5 percent of the votes for all candidates for President at the last Presidential election.

(c)  Upon certifying the signatures - the Secretary of State shall then submit the ballot measure to the state elections commissions or boards who are then required by law to place the national ballot measure on their ballots for the next general election held at least 131 days after it qualifies.  The President may call a special national election held specifically for qualified ballot measures at any time.

(d) A ballot measure is fully qualified for a national vote when it acquires a majority of tw0-thirds or more of the states that have placed the ballot measure on the ballot on time for the next election.  

(e) The penalty for any state who fails to place the ballot measure submitted by the Secretary of State shall be the cessation of all federal funds going into that state until such time as the next election when they have complied with this amendment.

(f) A ballot measure embracing more than one subject may not be submitted to the electors or have any effect.

(g) An initiative measure may not be biased toward or punish any state in any way.

Section 2

The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

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