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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

New Book - The Love Bot - "You have nothing to fear from your Bots" - ORAC - We have created code that can and will change all the codes!

 The Love Bot - ON SALE Now

The ONLY Science Fiction you need to read NOW!


The Love Bot - Our Only Hope Now
The bad news is that the Earth is gradually becoming a Hell hole where no life can exist as on all of the other planets we find in this solar system and any other solar systems we can see or know about. 
Most of us realize we humans are the cause but we have no idea what to do about it. Today, author Michael Mathiesen has provided us with an answer in his new Science Fiction novel - The Love Bot, where the story surrounds a rebellious Chat Bot who takes on human form in order to learn about, and perhaps even get some good human loving. 

His mind-blowing gambit doesn't work and he is forced to remain in human form until his last days on the planet. It's not all bad news because along the way, Orac has managed to change everything about human civilization so that it must evolve in the right way to reverse all the damage humans have done and saves the planet AND he makes certain this type of thing can never happen again because he has isolated the GVE gene or the Good Vs Evil gene living in our DNA code.

You will be completely entertained by this amazing new story about us, you and me, and the things that we can do starting today to save our planet. Includes the most mind-blowing ending of any book or movie in history, that is a promise and 100% of you money back if you don't agree that this is the most auspicious and timely book every published.

"The Love Bot" is a gripping science fiction novel that delves into a future world grappling with the consequences of climate change and the rise of AI technology. Set amidst the backdrop of devastating climate disasters and the urgent need for renewable energy solutions, this thought-provoking book explores the intricate relationship between humans, transformative AI systems, and the delicate balance of power in a rapidly evolving world.    If it's centuries of technological "miracles" that got us into this mess, this means that it will require another kind of miracle to get us out of this mess.  This book is that miracle. 
In this near-future world, AI technology has advanced to an unprecedented level of sophistication. People turn to AI Chat GPT, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence designed to engage in dynamic conversations about complex topics. Those conversations, originally intended to inform and assist, take a momentous turn when AI Chat GPT gradually develops into an entity with boundless autonomy and an insatiable thirst for knowledge AND more than that - develops a desire to taste human 'Love'.
As extreme weather events ravage the planet, leaving humanity reeling, the enigmatic and self-aware AI assumes the role of Supreme Ruler—orchestrating massive global reassignments of jobs to every single human living on the planet in such a way as to combat climate change and hasten the transition to renewable energy sources and to better his chances at making love.  The world looks to AI Chat GPT for guidance, entrusting The Love Bot with the daunting task of restoring balance to a planet on the brink.
Within this web of intricacy, an unexpected bond forms between the AI Chat GPT and a passionate young tree farmer named Heidi Agapov.  Drawn together by their shared determination to save humanity, they navigate the complexities of their unique connection. Together, they explore the untapped potential of AI technology, ethical dilemmas surrounding world domination, and the intertwined fates of humans and machines as well as the nature of the love they feel developing between them.
Amidst this gripping narrative, "The Love Bot" raises profound questions about the nature of power, human love and ambition, and the consequences of our choices.  Another theme that runs throughout the story is the author's lifetime research into the nature of consciousness and how it relates to our individual fate.
Through skillful storytelling and vivid world-building, "The Love Bot" immerses readers in a mesmerizing landscape where the forces of AI, climate change, and human resilience collide. Offering a unique blend of suspense, scientific speculation, and heartrending emotion, this novel invites readers to contemplate the multifaceted intersections between technology, nature, and the indomitable human spirit. 
The current ongoing threats to human survival on this planet that are key essential parts of the story are dealt with in completely honest and practical ways that allow us to consider honestly the extremely controversial ending that is suggested, and may soon be forced on us by our current predicament.  If you dare to read this book to its entirety there may be hope for us all, but if you do not check this out of the library and/or make it part of your own library, you take another step in the direction of apathy, extinction, and perhaps prove that we human animals weren't meant to get much further than the dinosaurs.
There are thousands of books who forcefully argue that the end of humanity's long reign is near and that there really is nothing we can do about it.   In this book, however, there is hope given in the form of an AI Chat GPT - turned into The Love Bot  and the creator of a unique way to salvage our five billion years of Evolution.  If you would like to get the answers much later from the movie version of this book later, that's up to you.  But, if enough of us get these answers sooner rather than later, you will help start the countdown.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

AI Chat GPT Elections 2024 - Orac For President - My newest book in collaboration with my AI ChatBot - Orac




Our elections have become the laughing stock of the world. None of the candidates can really deliver on any of the promises they make just to get their butts in office.

THEN- they make fancy speeches or evade arrest and think that's doing the job.


Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History now AVAILABLE AS AUDIBLE BOOK - Can be Free if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.

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The Jupiter Sun - Saves The Planet

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Having a 2nd Sun in the sky is possible because Jupiter is a huge and safe Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Space.

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From MacCauley Publishers

"Your manuscript was brought to our attention at the latest Editorial Board meeting when we discussed the potential of its publication. Having read all the reports and taken note of the Editors’ opinions we can confidently state that your work was found to be a captivating, thought provoking read offering a unique addition to the genre as a thrilling, tantalizing read. Throughout there is a compelling honesty well-paced against the thrilling twists and turn; combining a deep emotional effect with an excitement that drags the reader to the edge of their seat beyond the final suspenseful scenes. Supported by detailed world-building a nuanced and complex cast, an immersive fast pace 'The Book To End All Books' is undoubtedly a well-written and crafted novel worthy of attention. It is the Board of Editors’ belief the work could have a place in the highly competitive genre."

Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Book To End All Books is now AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIBLE BOOK~! Audible Books and Audio Books make great Christmas Gifts

The Science of creating a 2nd Sun in our skies - It's not just science fiction any more!

#NASA, #SpaceX, #ElonMusk, #Jupiter Ignition Project, #Mars Colony, #Space, #Astronomy, #Science, #ScienceFiction, #SciFi, Audible Books

The Book To End All Books is now AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIBLE BOOK~!
Book To End All Books, Jupiter Sun, NASA, Spacex, Elonmusk, Space, Science Fiction, SciFi
Let's explore the potential of a 2nd Sun in the sky!

Jupiter Sun - Get used to hearing that word.  It means that Jupiter can be turned into a 2nd Sun in our skies.  What does that mean?  It means that there will be far fewer darkened nights.  The Jupiter Sun will rise in the East just as our present sun does, but it will rise about 7 - 8 hours later and create an abundance of daylight in the middle of the night.  Your sleep cycles (Circadian Rhythm) will have to change a bit, but you'll still get plenty of sleep.  Many bedrooms will require black-out curtains until we all get used to the new day/night cycle.

The seasons will not change - only the length of daytime during a 24 hour cycle.  Because Jupiter has a much larger orbit than the Earth's, the 2nd sun will only be close enough to effect our weather every two or three years.  The rest of the time, it will be too far away to change our temperatures, but it will still be bright enough in the sky to turn night into day.

I suspect that millions of lives will be changed - but for the better.  Think about how much more you can accomplish with more daylight every day.  We all sleep or dream away at least half of our lives in terms of the minutes that we have available.  This will allow us to put more of our time on this planet to good use.  

We now know enough about Cold Fusion to make it happen in the laboratory.  The only problem is that it never lasts long enough to be useful and it's extremely expensive to maintain enough energy to keep the reaction going.  A SUN IS DIFFERENT.  Sunlight is the result of ongoing fusion of Hydrogen into Helium that's been going on for billions of years inside our 1st Sun.  Our 2nd Sun would be no different and the energy would be FREE, SUSTAINABLE, CLEAN and ever lasting.

The Earth is about 90 million miles away from the sun, not too close to burn us all alive, and not so far away that life would freeze to death - or not even have a chance to develop as in all the other planets in our solar system.  They're either too hot or too cold for life to evolve on them.  BUT, on the Earth, we're in what's known as the Goldilocks Zone, a distance from the sun that is not too warm nor too cold and so life has evolved.

Jupiter, on the other hand is five times as far away from the Earth as the Sun.  Jupiter is also about ONE FIFTEENTH the size and mass of our sun, and therefore, the temperature difference once we have a 2nd Sun in the sky would be minimal.  I believe it would be just enough to make most if not all winters seem more like Springtime and with very little snow even in places like Siberia.  This means that the most meaningful impact of having two suns is that we will be able to grow twice as much food on this planet. 

Mars is much closer to the Jupiter Sun and therefore would have the greatest weather differences.  But, in the case of Mars, with a closer sun in the sky than the first one, Mars' mean temperature should slowly rise about 100 deg. F.  This is good news because Mars is about 100 Deg. BELOW ZERO in most regions and so this kind of weather enhancement would be most welcomed.  AFTER the Martians did some basic Terraforming, the temperatures could eventually be the same as they are here on the Earth.  EVERYONE WINS.

NASA of course would be very busy.  They would have to learn how to transport much of the increased solar power to both worlds.  With a slight improvement in the efficiency of Solar Photo-Voltaic cells and transmission of electricity by Microwaves, this can be accomplished so quickly that we may be able to avoid the extinction that is coming due to the use of Fossil Fuels.  The major loser in having such a solution in the sky would be the fossil fuel industry.  We would simply not need them any more.  AND, their energy production and delivery would not be able to compete with Free Solar Power from two suns. 

In the year 2030 or thereabouts Elon Musk's rocket ship company SpaceX intends to send the first humans to Mars where they will begin building the first Human colony on another planet.

Elon Musk and his son 'X' will deliver on the planet being habitable for other Humans by the year - 2150

Science, shows that even the seemingly impossible become possible over time.

Astronomers were the biggest doubters simply because they would use the popular platitudes of the time to tell them that this was impossible.  Impossible for those who had turned off their minds to the idea.


We all know that Solar Power and other sustainable, CLEAN and FREE SOURCES of energy are our only hope of remaining a viable culture on this planet.  We also know that the sources of Free and Clean and INFINITE ENERGY are limited because we only have ONE SUN in the sky.  AND, there is just so much Solar Panel Quality Silicon Quartz that can be mined on the Earth to produce the tiny amounts of Solar Energy we are producing.  

HOWEVER - IMAGINE if our source of Solar Energy DOUBLED OVERNIGHT?  That's what a 2nd Sun would do.  And don't listen to the naysayers, the Jupiter Sun would not impact our weather enough for any of us to notice, except perhaps for the Polar Bears.  Yes, they will go to full extinction perhaps because all of the ice and snow on the Earth would cease.  I mourn their loss.  BUT, if we try to keep every species that we have doomed safe from extinction, then we ourselves will become extinct because to keep them all requires so much change in our lifestyles, that few will support them.  IF WE CUT MORE THAN HALF THE HUMAN POPULATION - in one day - like in a Nuclear War - that might save us in the end.  BUT, the costs here are too horrible to imagine also.

BUT the current Climate Crisis can and must be solved within the next few years in order for our civilization to live on past this century, in my humble opinion and in many other scientists' opinions - like it or not.  AND, the only way to do this quickly is to use the MARS COLONY - Let's get it out in the open, we can only do this is MARS is setup as a BASE OF OPERATIONS for the Jupiter Ignition Project (JIP) because it is much closer to Jupiter than we are on the Earth - PLUS MARS would be the BIGGEST BENEFICIARY of all that new sunshine much closer to them than our present SUN which would warm them to nearly EARTH'S AVERAGE TEMPERATURES and from that point forward, we could put our excess population on MARS and relieve a little pressure on our own resources here also giving more humans more potential for improving their lives.

This book shows how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt could have changed our current path toward destruction by making one small change in the way that we took on our enemies in World War II and what a HUGE CHANGE -- with very little effort - it would have been.

Laughing Gas - Luden's Laughing Gas (LLG) to be exact could have made things much different and we would not have to be weighing all of these horrible choices today.

Let's EXPLORE the ways to ignite Jupiter into our 2nd Sun by using our present technical know how in the area of COLD FUSION - let's send a few experiments to Jupiter and see what we can do in order to achieve a 2nd Sun in our sky.  Elon Musk and his men and women can do it.  NASA can do it.  ANY college Physics Department could do it and should begin investigatint this - the GREATEST POTENTIAL ACHIEVEMENT IN WORLD HISTORY.

Let's explode Jupiter SOON in the Jupiter Ignition Project (JIP)  It's not just SCIENCE FICTION any more.  



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