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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Time Bomb - Get The S.W.A.T. Team!


Time is running out.  GET YOUR COPY Today - Grab hold of the Time Of Your Life to save all life on this planet~

Whether you know it or not, there's a huge Time Bomb that is ticking down to the moment when it must go off and it’s right underneath your feet.  This almost unseen Time Bomb is so massive that it will incinerate every man woman, child, dog, cat, birds, insects, donkeys, horses, all the fish in the sea, the whales, the dolphins, plankton, trees, plants, flowers and every other thing that lives here on this planet.

OR it could be our greatest salvation and the moment we prove our worthiness to remain here on this beautiful and wonderful life-support system or planet Earth.  The future is yet unseen.

You can hear the Time that is ticking away, Tik by Tok, and so I thought about how time flies and how we might be able to capture it, reverse it and make it do our bidding instead of working against us.

AND I discovered something much smaller and more fundamental than all of the currently known subatomic particles and how they filter through our days creating our reality and causing what we know as our 'Fate'.  
They're known as 'Chronons'.  They are infinitely smaller than the smallest of quark particles that make up the nucleus of the nucleus of the atoms.  Yet their impact on the world is a billion times a trillion times more powerful than any of the known elements.

How the Chronons make waves - Time Waves.  We must take a stand by joining what I call the final SWAT Team.  (Save our World Again Today)  If you choose not to saddle up and fight the good fight - it’s curtains for the human race. "You can't change what's already been done, but you can change what's yet to come."  Michael Mathiesen

In this groundbreaking new book, you will learn about how Time Flies about the universe in waves, how the waves are created by the smallest particles in the subatomic world - Chronons and how they are all connected to one another and to every particle that makes you and your life exist.

This is revolutionary new science based on events in my life and probably in yours that have interacted with mine in subtle ways such as the fact that you are now reading my text out of the billions upon billions of other texts on the Internet today.  It's no accident, let me assure you.  However, if you do not get a copy of this book in your hands within the next few minutes, time could be up for the human race, because this is the last segment of time where we have a chance to alter the future.

It’s ironic also that Einstein’s famous equation of - E-mc2 was the key to the production of the most destructive forces humans have ever unleashed, the nuclear weapons that today threaten the greatest mass extinction in history.  But in this work, we uncover a different equation that can and will produce the opposite effects of the most creative and life-saving of forces ever known. 

Will the author be awarded the Nobel Prize for his discoveries?  They'll have to hold that in abeyance until the theories are proven.  But, that may happen as soon as 2035 when LISA, the Laser Interferometer Space Telescope is put into place by the European Space Agency and is upgraded per the author's suggestion to include atomic clocks.   This minor upgrade will allow LISA to discover Time Waves on top of Gravity Waves, which is their main mission thus far.  

IF LISA - the largest, most expensive scientific experiment in human history does discover Time Waves, this will be the greatest and most important discovery of all time because it will prove the centuries old belief in a master designer who oversees it all, every event in the universe, every moment in your life, every thought in your head, every breath you take - the entity we identify as 'God'.  

Whether you are a believer or a non-believer in something more powerful than your own self, and there is a modicum of curiosity left in you, you need to buy this book, absorb the information and spread the truth around.

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