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Monday, July 1, 2024

How To Turn Back Time - my Latest and Greatest attempt

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Nobody I ask seems to know that much about Time, something we all deal with every minute of every day of our lives and there is no escaping this most dominant force of Nature.  Yes, we all know how to measure Time’s passing because we’ve all been raised to look at the clock on the wall or the watch on our wrist, constantly obsessed with what Time it is in the day or night.  Yet we never stop to try and understand what it is that we’re measuring and that seems to be passing us by so unerringly and so swiftly.

So, a few months ago, I decided to try and shed a little light on the subject.  When I did that in my mind, I wondered if Time travels in waves as we have now confirmed that Gravity and light and electricity and all the other energy we know about travels in waves and so therefore perhaps Time also travels in waves as well.  This probability opened up all kinds of doors for my exploration.  And the first property of Time that came to me is the fictional one where we all want at some point in our lives to turn back Time in order to get a second chance at some major event in our lives that didn’t turn out so well.

OK, so if you want to learn how to turn back time, look no further.  I believe I will get you closer to accomplishing this most challenging feat than any other author ever has.  But there are many other books out there on the subject because we have all had fantasies about this possibility.  It’s almost a universal built-in syndrome in our brains that brings us to the expression of the very human desire to turn back Time and get another chance at a thorny problem that has never released its hold on our future. 

I’m no different and so I have had this fantasy many times and the overall lesson I take from these fantasies is that even though we do not yet possess the machinery to turn back Time, as a technological society, we may be on the brink of solving this amazing scientific puzzle and should therefore keep trying.  But, before we even begin to go down this technological rabbit hole, we must first know a great deal more about how Time flies, where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

So, having just completed a scientific paper about Time and how I realized that Time flies about the universe in waves, I decided to give my best shot at trying to solve the age-old riddle of life.  At first, I wondered if it was really possible, and I tried a couple of tests of these many theories that were truly based on ‘Magic’.  

Then, it hit me like a ton of Time Clocks - ‘You can turn the clock back in your life by going forward with every particle of Joy, and Peace and Happiness that you can muster in your heart.’  If you did that, you would be turning the clock back in a way because you would be making a completely new Future.

AND THEN I realized a question I had been asking friends and family all my life and the question was:  “What is Time?”  It’s an important question to keep asking because if you don’t have a firm grasp of what Time is- there’s no way you’re going to be able to turn it backwards on itself, can you?

AND THEN, the answer came to me very suddenly from out of nowhere. “Time is Joy.  Time is the Joy of Peace and Happiness. Time is Peace and Happiness.”  I hope to prove this discovery very scientifically by the end of this book.
Try repeating that phrase over and over in your mind and see if it doesn’t carve a little space into your brain where you can find it again and again.

I don’t expect you to accept all of the above just now.  If you cannot accept this line of reasoning, please go back to the beginning and start reading the first five paragraphs one more time.  Because this is 99% of the book.

Well, in the process I’m also going to prove my theory that Time travels in waves.  I’m going to speculate about how this property of Time will be discovered in the year 2035 and I’m going to show you a little bit of what you can do with the power of my scientific breakthrough if and when it is proven.

And if you cannot learn anything else from this book, then at least keep the definition of Time I have given you already, something I hope will become the eternal definition of Time from this day forward - and that is:  ‘Time is Joy.  Time is the JOY of Peace and Happiness.  Time is Peace and Happiness.”  It bears repeating, the repetition is the most important part about this definition.  It must be repeated often - chanted silently or out loud over and over until you feel the power of Time building in your mind.

That’s really all you need to know if you truly understand the meaning of these words and they are not just some cute little phrase you caught on to like ‘Carpe Diem’.  If you’re truly wanting to learn you should now be chanting the definition I gave you over and over.  Don’t stop.

‘Time is Joy.  Time is the joy of Peace and Happiness.  Time is Peace and Happiness.’ 
Oh yes, you also wanted to learn how to turn back time.  So, having the true definition of Time grasped firmly by your everyday waking consciousness, you are ready to learn how to turn it back, lead your life over again knowing everything you know now to be the truth and not what you knew earlier in life or thought you knew.

And, I have to admit right now UP FRONT that no human being can actually turn back Time or reverse it and somehow go back in time to right the wrongs or whatever you want to do to alter the Timeline.  That cannot happen for reasons that will become clear as you go along in this book.

WHAT YOU CAN DO - and anyone can do this - is to INFLUENCE TIME in a way that creates a different future than the one that would have happened had you not intervened.  In the future, that effort can be considered, turning back Time.

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